Macy's Charity Shopping Day (March 11, 2017)

Macy's Charity Shopping Day (March 11, 2017 at Fashion Place)

A Win-Win-Win Opportunity

You win by helping us and helping yourself as you purchase a $5 Savings Book with the following benefits; 

  1. $10 Off one regular sale or clearance-priced purchase of $25 or more throughout the store.
  2. 10% - 25% off various items, including brands that rarely go on sale!
  3. Opportunity to enter a drawing for a $500 Macy's Gift Card.

Exclusions & restrictions do apply, so be sure to read all of the information contained within the Savings Book (see link in the left column).

The PRC wins because you buy the $5 Savings Book(s) from us, and we keep the entire $5!!!!

Macy's wins as they draw a larger crowd to come to the Grand Opening of Macy's at Fashion Place and by helping worthy non-profits like us in their community.

Savings Book Purchase Form

Purchase Amount ($5 per book)
Which Version of the Savings Book Do You Want?
Credit Card Information
Visa MasterCard American Express Discover

Visa®, Mastercard® & Discover® cardholders
Your security code is the 3-digit code at the end of the signature field on your card's back.

American Express® cardholders
Your security code is the 4-digit code located above the actual credit card number on your card's front.

Since you are receiving a Macy's Charity Shopping Day Savings Book, none of the $5 can be considered a tax deductible gift to the PRC.

Exceptions & Restrictions

Click the above image for a readable sample version for details about the potential savings.

Donate when Shopping

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